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以质量求生存 以信誉谋发展

Jinghong Robot Company wants to make robots practical and cheap for common people.

Jinghong Robot Company has a 5-year experience of technology and research on service robots since 2012.

Jinghong robots have been widely used in hospitals,restaurants, hotels , airports and showrooms for selling centers.

Jinghong Robot Company got highly appreciated by most users and companies for high quality.

    Jinghong Robot Company has a Research and Development team including art designing, appearance molding, mechanical structure, electronic engineering, visual algorithm, host computer operating system and so on.  The core engineers of R&D team has more than 40% of the total members of whole company.

Development History:

In October 2011, we started to research the humanoid robot with aluminum frames for the body.

Jinghong Robot Company was registered and made talking humanoid robot on 2012.

In April 2013, weve made out the simple humanoid robot head model with blinking eyes, opening mouth, turning neck. In May 2013, Jinghong Robot was famous when it appeared in China Zhengzhou International Hospitality Suppliers Expo.  

In November 2013, Jinghong Robot Company attended Guangzhou Hotel Equipment and Supply Exhibition with Delivering food robot and brief humanoid robot.

In July 2014, Jinghong Robot Company attended CIROS2014 with Cartoon robots.

On 18th November 2014,  A piece of Big news appeared on each paper that 2pcs delivering food female robots were running in Restaurant Xiangmanuan at Square Liansheng in City Cixi Province Zhejiang.

In December 2015, Jinghong Robot Company succeeded in researching Monocular Navigation of autonomous robot. And this technology had been successfully used on robots in City Haikou and Luohe.

In January 2016, Jinghong made a great success on research of facial

Multi-degree-of-freedom robot.

In July 2016, Jinghong made new VI design and New LOGO.

From October 2016, Jinghong Robot Company started the study of visual navigation.

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